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Youtube Channel and General Update 1

2012-03-20 23:36:34 by ZelashOculah

I have a Youtube Channel now, which is the easiest place to get to me at, atm, unless you own Diablo 2 LOD, then Open is even easier, but the instructions as to what and where, is on my latest WilfredTheHobo Diablo LP.

I Post all kinds of gameplays, and i even do special series, called Be A Jerk and Alternate Playstyles.
Be A Jerk is where i find ways to do stuff that would be going out of my way, to annoy and generally be an ass, such team killing, or taking the flag and then jumping off the map near the teams flag.
Alternate Playstyles are an LP series with a special twist on it, i modify the way i play to make the game harder by any degree, and i try to beat it, or fulfill a certain criteria (beating the game, doing a challenge/achievement, or even surviving, maybe just simply getting halfway too, anything possible).

Theses series, and the names (Be A Jerk, and APs) Are creations of my own and they will stay that way, however if you do those things, don't name it the same please, as that'll make things difficult for me and you ^D^

Also im doing Minecraft Texture Packs, one of mine is on planet minecraft, search basic texture pack and look for the one that is 20% cooler.

Also i will be posting some MLP fanart over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that!


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