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Update 2 - Nothing In Particular...

2012-08-03 11:31:31 by ZelashOculah

You may have posted er.... Noticed, i posted (cause posted i notice would make sense) a whole bunch of voice acting shtuff, well okay just one or two things i think, but there's much more to come, trust me (pretty please? :D)
Also I'm available for VA work, PM me for details and stuff, but ask for the details you want cause i don't really know much about getting hired as a VA.
Also I'm currently playing Diablo 3 as a hardcore Demon Hunter, so yeah, character name is DrakeLindela if you ever see me online. (psst, i play very late at night since the internet doesn't glitch the hell out then).

Not much other then that, I'm doing well and i'm just slightly lonely as always xD.

The Gamer Toad Be Out Until Update 3!


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