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Update 4 - Determination is Great! :D

2012-08-22 09:57:41 by ZelashOculah

So none of you might know, i'm starting a project, called Project PRPG.
It's for a game i think Can work, but i won't give out any huge details due to everything being in a fluid state at the moment.

Also i am still availalbe for VA work, though i have come to the unfortunate conclusion that i cannot do an arabic accent, but i've tried and i can do scottish, german, russian and australian accents, even if they might be bad ones. Also whatever accent my diablo voice is, which sounds more like Amzodan from diablo 3 to be honest.

For Project PRPG, I'm looking for anyone who can help, i have no actual coding experience (well none at all), so if you'd like to help, send me a message.


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