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I am back, Where did I go? Good question! >:j

2013-05-26 22:53:06 by ZelashOculah

I had some stuff to deal with in my real life so I've been away for the entire time since... well the 5th month of last year around the 3rd.
However I'm back and I've even got a flipping script for a Real Demo.
And even an entirely audial storyline thingy aswell. I personally find the idea charming if not a bit odd.

Also what's more I've actually been scouted, haven't a single brain wave on what that means, but It feels like a good thing.
Ahcourse I accepted it, but I probly shoulda looked up stuff, Ohwell!

Zelash has returned. What's more I will post much more so keep tuned I guess >:D

Phasing Out!


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2013-05-30 00:12:16

I don't know you but i'll be nice and Say Welcome Back to Newgrounds ^_^

ZelashOculah responds: