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Posted first bit of art on Newgrounds

2013-06-01 17:52:52 by ZelashOculah

I don't know how to edit the post though. I tried to click the submit button to apply new changes but it just went to a white page and stays there.
Oh well, I'm guessing someone will tell me how i should more accurately edit the bit of art i posted.

As for art stuff, I'm going to be starting a webcomic and am thinking of also posting each bit to newgrounds if that's allowed.
Probly not.



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2013-06-01 18:59:16

I'm afraid art like that won't get you anywhere. You'll have to put out better quality stuff.

ZelashOculah responds:

But ofcourse. But I'm not trying to get anywhere ultimately, atleast not in the field of art. But thanks... I guess.


2013-06-02 21:48:09

Not necessarily get a career, but to be approved for the art portal so your art will be public.

ZelashOculah responds:

True... but i'm honestly balls in GIMP so *shrug* won't ever happen honestly.