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Welp, I'm goin' home.

2013-08-08 12:51:19 by ZelashOculah

And by that I mean that honestly? this page is dead... like really dead. dead as in the dust from decayed bones from a dinsoaur.
And I'm honestly just a bit too... depressed to do anything about it so I honestly am jsut gonna let my page/profile rust and be forgotten (not that I'm saying it already isn't or something).
There's a validity to being regretful of not getting anything done, or doing the things you'd like to do, but... Well let's jsut say this is only the next part of a long tree's worth of failiures.

I mean let's face it. I'm not THAT good at anything except playing games, And while there is some value to doing things for fun... I honestly am jsut too self-concious, debilitatingly so, to beleive in myself for anymore than 2 hours every week.

So... this is an official goodbye. If i come back, well that'll be a cold day in hell. :/


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