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2014-07-08 18:46:37 by ZelashOculah

So I'm posting art on my Deviantart and Furaffinity, they're just drawings, nothing of huge quality or anything, but I'd really appreciate it if you took a look anyways :)

And here's a little taste anyways of the 3 whole pics I've posted over the last week.


Welp, I'm goin' home.

2013-08-08 12:51:19 by ZelashOculah

And by that I mean that honestly? this page is dead... like really dead. dead as in the dust from decayed bones from a dinsoaur.
And I'm honestly just a bit too... depressed to do anything about it so I honestly am jsut gonna let my page/profile rust and be forgotten (not that I'm saying it already isn't or something).
There's a validity to being regretful of not getting anything done, or doing the things you'd like to do, but... Well let's jsut say this is only the next part of a long tree's worth of failiures.

I mean let's face it. I'm not THAT good at anything except playing games, And while there is some value to doing things for fun... I honestly am jsut too self-concious, debilitatingly so, to beleive in myself for anymore than 2 hours every week.

So... this is an official goodbye. If i come back, well that'll be a cold day in hell. :/

I don't know how to edit the post though. I tried to click the submit button to apply new changes but it just went to a white page and stays there.
Oh well, I'm guessing someone will tell me how i should more accurately edit the bit of art i posted.

As for art stuff, I'm going to be starting a webcomic and am thinking of also posting each bit to newgrounds if that's allowed.
Probly not.


I had some stuff to deal with in my real life so I've been away for the entire time since... well the 5th month of last year around the 3rd.
However I'm back and I've even got a flipping script for a Real Demo.
And even an entirely audial storyline thingy aswell. I personally find the idea charming if not a bit odd.

Also what's more I've actually been scouted, haven't a single brain wave on what that means, but It feels like a good thing.
Ahcourse I accepted it, but I probly shoulda looked up stuff, Ohwell!

Zelash has returned. What's more I will post much more so keep tuned I guess >:D

Phasing Out!

Well, I honestly can't do an arabic accent for a part someone gave me, also i tried to ask them if it was needed for it, but...

No Reply.

So Since after a few weeks, i'm honestly bored, so i'm putting my voice out there, offering my VA services to any who need it, and most namely, those who PM me.

Also Project P-RPG is past the planning stage, mostly I've gotten the concept down, mostly. Also i am mostly starting on graphics, temporary as i will draw it all,but my tablet's cable is being mean and is hiding from me...
Or i left it back in Nelson, or at home which is an 8 hour car ride away. Let's hope that's not the case.

So none of you might know, i'm starting a project, called Project PRPG.
It's for a game i think Can work, but i won't give out any huge details due to everything being in a fluid state at the moment.

Also i am still availalbe for VA work, though i have come to the unfortunate conclusion that i cannot do an arabic accent, but i've tried and i can do scottish, german, russian and australian accents, even if they might be bad ones. Also whatever accent my diablo voice is, which sounds more like Amzodan from diablo 3 to be honest.

For Project PRPG, I'm looking for anyone who can help, i have no actual coding experience (well none at all), so if you'd like to help, send me a message.

I posted a new voice acting file, but it's actually a story i made up on the spot, that i will continue, check it out in my audio submissions as Get Me Ponies Or Die! Ep1

Also i can be easily reached here or on SC2 or Diablo 3, if you'd like to add me so we can chat, PM me :D

Not as big of an update xD

You may have posted er.... Noticed, i posted (cause posted i notice would make sense) a whole bunch of voice acting shtuff, well okay just one or two things i think, but there's much more to come, trust me (pretty please? :D)
Also I'm available for VA work, PM me for details and stuff, but ask for the details you want cause i don't really know much about getting hired as a VA.
Also I'm currently playing Diablo 3 as a hardcore Demon Hunter, so yeah, character name is DrakeLindela if you ever see me online. (psst, i play very late at night since the internet doesn't glitch the hell out then).

Not much other then that, I'm doing well and i'm just slightly lonely as always xD.

The Gamer Toad Be Out Until Update 3!

I have a Youtube Channel now, which is the easiest place to get to me at, atm, unless you own Diablo 2 LOD, then Open is even easier, but the instructions as to what and where, is on my latest WilfredTheHobo Diablo LP.

I Post all kinds of gameplays, and i even do special series, called Be A Jerk and Alternate Playstyles.
Be A Jerk is where i find ways to do stuff that would be going out of my way, to annoy and generally be an ass, such team killing, or taking the flag and then jumping off the map near the teams flag.
Alternate Playstyles are an LP series with a special twist on it, i modify the way i play to make the game harder by any degree, and i try to beat it, or fulfill a certain criteria (beating the game, doing a challenge/achievement, or even surviving, maybe just simply getting halfway too, anything possible).

Theses series, and the names (Be A Jerk, and APs) Are creations of my own and they will stay that way, however if you do those things, don't name it the same please, as that'll make things difficult for me and you ^D^

Also im doing Minecraft Texture Packs, one of mine is on planet minecraft, search basic texture pack and look for the one that is 20% cooler.

Also i will be posting some MLP fanart over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that!